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How Google SEO Listings Really Help Your Business

What is the first thing someone does when they are looking to buy these days? They search on the google front page. This is because SEO listings help your business online and learning why is key to its success. 81% of shoppers make decisions online so imagine how many options there are. Is your business one of them? 91% of shoppers don’t even go past the first page of google results. With as little as 4% making the effort to go [...]

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10 Reasons Why Your Website is Slower Than Your Rival

Is your website slower than your rival business?Customers shop online. They are casually surfing the internet and think to themselves; “Ohhh. Where can I get that thing I need? How expensive is it? Where is the closest place to buy?” These are all perfectly reasonable questions and all part of the shopping experience. The next step for the online shopper would be to check out the websites of the relevant businesses for the best possible deal. I’m sure your business offers [...]

Social media benefits for small business

5 Ways That Social Media Benefits Your Business

As a business owner, you are constantly at odds with your larger competitors. Social media benefits your business especially if competitors have a bigger budget. Often larger companies have a huge fanbase and can even cut prices at bulk supply if they need to. A small business can be outgunned or blocked out of the market by an endless supply of high-profile advertising that you simply cannot afford. It may seem hopeless competing with the big guns sometimes but [...]

Amateur web design can cost your business money

How Do You Know if Amateur Web Design is Losing You Business?

OK. So it may seem obvious that quality is better than quantity but every business tries to save a bit of money where they can. We all have to budget and every business has areas where they try to cut costs. In this blog, we will explain why web design for your business cannot be one of them. If you hire cheap website designers then you get what you pay for. When you hire experienced, professional website designers they will [...]

WordPress specialist websites are better for your business

4 Reasons Why a WordPress Website is Better For Your business

WordPress is the favourite choice for many to use when designing business websites. The list of famous companies that use WordPress is endless including brands like BBC news, MTV, SONY music, Variety magazine. Heck, even NASA use it. It is by far the most successful CMS (Content Management System) tool in the business. As long as you know how to use it. It is probably not news to anyone that every business needs a website to survive this day and [...]

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Why visual content is important for your business website

People like pictures and videos in websites. This is because people retain around 50% more information seeing something visible than hearing about it. Word of mouth is good for your business website but a video is better. – 100 million internet users watch videos online a day. – 90% of shoppers said watching a video in a business website was helpful in making their purchasing decision. – 64% of people are likely to buy something from a business website after watching a [...]

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How important are website banners for your business?

Remember before the internet came along? When every business relied on using printed pages for advertising? The very meaning of the term ‘headline’ was because it appeared at the top or ‘head’ of the page. This is the best area to place your website banner because it’s the space that meets your natural line of sight.As time went on, this space obviously became the most important part of the page. When Radio/TV arrived the format of media adapted but the traditional [...]

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Southampton Web Design Specialists Spill All On Improving Business Emails

Every email that your company sends out should be engaging, interesting and relevant to every person receiving the email. Here at Sites For Business, your web design Southampton specialists, we have narrowed down our most effective ways of creating better emails. Include ONE call to action Every email MUST have a call to action. The content within your message must be engaging and should always steer them nicely to your call to action, without being overly persuasive. A call to [...]

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Web design Southampton experts reveal how social media improves SEO

Your web design Southampton specialists are working hard to circulate important information that will help your companies website and credibility. Did you know that the SEO of your website can be improved through a good social media strategy? If you’re looking at the screen blankly, we suggest you read on. Social media and SEO are two tightly interwoven strategies that will improve your ranking and credibility of your business website. These strategies present an organic improvement to creating an appealing [...]

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Web Design secrets revealed; free images for your website

  For many writing the content for a website can become the hardest task, however, if you’re having a crack at web designing then you know there’s something that trumps the endless words…  Pictures. Pictures can put a Web Designer or business website owner into a head spin, as they search for the right image to fit the right space and match the right colours. You see web designers, have an eye for perfection, which is always a good thing. But when [...]

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Learn how to protect and restore a hacked website

Your Web Design Southampton specialists are also quite savvy when it comes to backing up and preventing a virus attack. Here at Sites For Business, we are often asked how to deal with an infected or hacked website. Viruses and hackers can infect your website in many ways, which is why it’s important to protect your websites and to make sure they are safe in the first place. WordPress is the most popular content management platform after it overthrew its [...]

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Google is mapping out a new advertising strategy

In the age of technology we are relying heavily on our mobile devices, whether it’s for a local restaurant or a nearby shop – it’s always in reach at the click of a touch screen.  Google Maps have always been our first port of call when it comes to finding somewhere close to our door, and Google is beginning to realise how much we actually use it. Which is why Google Maps advertising is becoming a new initiative to strive [...]

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The importance of a business website

The growing age of technology is becoming even further integrated into our everyday lives. But why is it so important to us? Here at Sites for Business, your Web Design Southampton, we are keen to help you with your website management.  The World Wide Web, commonly known as ‘www’ is our port of call for information, from research to online shopping, we cannot simply life without it, can we? We have come too far to result back to the Yellow Pages, [...]

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Google social media on the plus side

Google+ and your business The world of social media is continuing to grow at an alarming rate! So we need to keep up. Let’s look at Google+ this social media site is often forgotten in the building of business strategies. Which is a great disappointment, because when used correctly it can make quite the impact. Have you ever noticed that when you type in keywords for the product or service you are looking for, that often a company will appear on the [...]

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Google is watching you: Our unusual ways to improve your ranking on Google

Here, at Sites For Business, we are continually faced with requests to improve a customer’s ranking on search engines. Endless businesses benefit from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for their rankings on Google (or other search engines). For a business to appear higher in the search engine results, it provides a good first impression, which persuades the customers to click on their site. The more clicks, the more clients. First impressions are key, and being at the top of Google [...]

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Sites For Business’ 15 Top Tips on attracting visitors to your website

Online traffic excites most businesses, as it provides proof that they’re showing their customers the most relevant content and targeting them in the best way possible. Here at Sites for Business, we understand that business owners require regular visitors on their websites and need a solution to convert them into clients. These 15 tips will help get you there! 1. Desert the billboards, we’re moving online The number one solution to gather more visitors is to run a paid advertising campaign, [...]

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Gain control of your customers feedback

For every business, it is very important to get feedback from their clients, but sometimes it is harder than it can look. According to an independent survey of 12,000 travellers, conducted by PhoCusWright:53% said that they would not book a hotel that had no reviews 31% said they would avoid eating at a restaurant that had no reviews 76% said that they would not go to a restaurant that had several bad reviewsOnline reviews are a powerful marketing tool but they [...]

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Landing page – what is it and how it differs from a website?

A landing page works as the first port of call for your audience, it’s the first page that attracts them to your business – so make it count! Landing pages are separate to your website and despite some confusion are very different to a home page. To start any successful marketing campaign you must have a strong landing page to attract your audience. There is no navigation, which means there are no links for potential customers to get distracted by, [...]

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PPC Google Adwords Management Case Study – Home 2 Home Removals

“Home 2 Home Moves” (H2H) have decided to explore online marketing possibilities. They wanted to have a new stream of potential leads coming through their website. They approached “Sites For Business” without any knowledge about advertising possibilities online and asked for help. We have taken action First of all, we researched the market for the opportunities to advertise removals / moving companies business online. Our chosen platform – Google AdWords. When we compared how much they are able to spend (Customer Acquisition Cost) with the price [...]