How Google SEO Listings Help Your Business

Google SEO

How Google SEO Listings Help Your Business

Google SEOWhat is the first thing someone does when they are looking to buy these days? They search on google. Why? Well, this is because SEO listings help your business online more than you can realise. Learning why and how they work can be the key to a successful business.

81% of shoppers make decisions online so imagine how many options there are. Is your business one of them? 91% of shoppers don’t even go past the first page of google results. With as little as 4% making the effort to go through them all. So what chance does your business have if it isn’t getting to the top? The math suggests not a lot. Let’s say you are a small trusted family business, running for years in your local area. Then suddenly a new company pops up providing the same service but with great SEO ratings. They get all the business and you get left behind.

So how do you keep up? Well, it’s not so easy as you think but there are things you can do to help.

5 Reasons Why You Need Your Business on the Front Page of Google

1) You’re #1!

The #1 position on a google page gets anything from 30-40% of ALL shoppers. That’s amazing, a guaranteed percentage of purchase power from being on the top of the virtual pile.

2) Quality.

Thanks to the powers of the SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ) your business gets recognised. Simply by seeing the name of your business on the front page of google means your brand is instantly assured for its quality. The SEO filtering that goes on behind the scenes by google is really intense and they do their research. So if your website is engaging with traffic and meeting google’s high standards. You’re in.

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3) Blogs.

Your blogs must be engaging if you made it this far. If they are informative and creating an experience for the shopper then they are adding value to your business. Put simply; people read your blogs because they like them and this means they stay on your site. However, writing good blogs isn’t as easy as you might think and it often requires some creative copywriting.

4) Reduce your advertising costs.

If your SERP is working away at getting you noticed simply by the popularity of your website then you won’t need to advertise. The online content is engaging and getting people interested all by itself. A well-populated website with constant consumer traffic is as good as advertising, if not better.

5) You made it on the list. Now stay there.

Yes. Congratulations all around but now the hard work sets in. Whatever you did was enough to get you on the front page but you need to keep up the momentum. Think about how you got to where you are and try and sustain that success by replicating all that you did. SEO listings are a precise science and not many know how to make it work.

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