Web design Southampton experts reveal how social media improves SEO

Web Design Southampton

Web design Southampton experts reveal how social media improves SEO

Your web design Southampton specialists are working hard to circulate important information that will help your companies website and credibility. Did you know that the SEO of your website can be improved through a good social media strategy? If you’re looking at the screen blankly, we suggest you read on.

Social media and SEO are two tightly interwoven strategies that will improve your ranking and credibility of your business website. These strategies present an organic improvement to creating an appealing identity, that naturally attracts your visitors. Consistency and high-quality content are two key attributes to building a strong brand presence. By regularly posting on social media, you are improving your chances on heightening your ranking on SERPS (search engine results page).

Our six simple tips will show you the impact a good social media strategy can make on your business website. The web design Southampton experts religiously follow these principles. For more information on building a good social media marketing strategy, see Google+ and your business.
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Build your credibility with your followers

The amount of followers and connections your social media profiles hold can greatly influence your position on Google ranking. Each new follower or connection must be organic, as Google can detect the quality of your followers. This means that if you begin to buy your followers, it will not impact your overall ranking.

We understand that growing the amount of followers you have can be a slow process, but it can be extremely beneficial to you in the long run. You just need to be consistent. Post relevant content in a unique way, using the same voice. Don’t bore your users with marketing jargon or sales pitches, create interesting content such as helpful tips, useful articles and most importantly engage in conversation with them.


Social media is a useful tool when it comes to encouraging external inbound links. The more links you have will increase the amount of clicks to your website. This will also attract Google’s eyes. All you need to do is create high-quality content.

This is an example of how you can use social media to display your work. By incorporating external links you are dangling a bait into your follower’s hands, ready for them to click it and be redirected to your website. Share the links into active threads and discussion, to promote your social reputation and authority. This will furthermore increase your potential external link sources. Backlinks will not only increase your credibility but it will also build your SEO and your Google ranking.

Optimizing posts for searches

Google likes to keep a close eye on popular social media updates and showcases them at the top of its SERPs. Using seasonal keywords, you can improve the SEO of your social media which allow you to stay at the top of Google.

Focus on circulating a variety of content on social media, such as articles, infographics or videos, to attract your follower’s attention. When posting, use a headline that will attract your audience’s attention. For example, base it around a query or a question that people may ask. An example of this would be “Where can I find a good web design Southampton expert?”.

Share share share!

Keep your content circulating and influence your followers to share your content. This increases your brand’s authority, in a similar way to backlinks. A variety of tools including Likes, Shares, Favourites, Replies and Retweets all add to building your online presence. We suggest that to get your content shared, you need to create relevant content for your target audience. Look into the demographic of followers and see what they would be interested in.

Furthermore, a handy tip to try is to engage with your followers through questions. For example saying to like a post, to see who agrees with a specific topic. They put themselves forward for a topic that interests them, while you gather the likes.  

Pinpoint the location

Social media is a perfect platform to engage with the local community. Remember to post about your companies involvement within the local community, as this shows the ‘human side’ to your business.  This will also make your profile more visible in local searches. Include the location and a short description, to optimise your search results.

And finally, blog posts!

You would be surprised at how much a blog post could influence the overall SEO of your website. To maximise your blog posts potential post it on all social media sites. Use keywords to focus on and make all content relevant to your audience. Each blog post should contain the focus keywords, to increase your website’s SEO. We always suggest producing handy tips or helpful information.

Web design Southampton specialists that care

We hope you found the information from our web design Southampton experts useful! To get started with a good social media strategy, contact us on 02380 011 718


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