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Web Design Southampton

Web Design secrets revealed; free images for your website

  For many writing the content for a website can become the hardest task, however, if you’re having a crack at web designing then you know there’s something that trumps the endless words…  Pictures. Pictures can put a Web Designer or business website owner into a head spin, as they search for the right image to fit the right space and match the right colours. You see web designers, have an eye for perfection, which is always a good thing. But when [...]

Web Design Southampton

Learn how to protect and restore a hacked website

Your Web Design Southampton specialists are also quite savvy when it comes to backing up and preventing a virus attack. Here at Sites For Business, we are often asked how to deal with an infected or hacked website. Viruses and hackers can infect your website in many ways, which is why it’s important to protect your websites and to make sure they are safe in the first place. WordPress is the most popular content management platform after it overthrew its [...]