Not backing up your site? Your business could be in danger!

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Not backing up your site? Your business could be in danger!

WordPress backups of your website are vitally important. Any experienced website owner will tell you this. However, many new WordPress users tend to neglect to backup their site. This might be because they think nothing bad will happen or maybe because they’ve looked into backing up and it’s too expensive or time-consuming. Unfortunately, if something goes wrong with your website you could lose everything.

Let’s discuss why backups are so fundamentally important.


Sadly, it’s not surprising to learn that there are malicious hackers trying to access your website. Their aim is to steal card numbers and other sensitive information. Hackers also, often delete data or infect websites with malicious code. Only in recent news, 10,000 WordPress websites have been hacked which is beyond shocking! Read more about this here

How does backing up help me in this situation? Simple! If you became the unfortunate target of a hacker you can quickly and easily restore your website from the last saved backup.


Updating websites, systems and features is important. Updates can include things like security, safety or solving issues. So, what’s the problem? Basically, websites have numerous components, from plugins to software and back-end programming. When an update of any of these goes wrong, it can take an entire website offline. Downtime not only costs you money but also makes you look unprofessional.

It’s recommended that you always backup your site before updating. That way if the worst happens you can effortlessly get your site back up and running again.

Human Error

Everyone makes mistakes. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are mistakes will always happen. Things like deleting or overwriting the wrong files are bound to happen. Unfortunately, these small mistakes can add up to a lot of lost data.

Thankfully, backing up is able to minimize any disruptions caused by a simple human error.

Get some help from the experts

Does all of this sound a little bit complicated? If so, you need to consult the experts. At Sites For Business, our WordPress development team are on-hand and produce bi-weekly backups for any WordPress website. This means that in the case of an emergency, you can get your site back online as quickly as possible.

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