The importance of a business website

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The importance of a business website

The growing age of technology is becoming even further integrated into our everyday lives. But why is it so important to us? Here at Sites for Business, your Web Design Southampton, we are keen to help you with your website management. Web Design Southampton

The World Wide Web, commonly known as ‘www’ is our port of call for information, from research to online shopping, we cannot simply life without it, can we? We have come too far to result back to the Yellow Pages, infact now we have

This need for new means of communication and information is at the height of our modern culture. The internet can be assessed on our phones, computers, tablets and Ipads. This means we are always carrying the internet in our pockets, but we need to use it correctly and professionally.

How to grab your clients with your website?

A website is your online advertisement it promotes your brand, showcases your services and most importantly it’s a way of connecting with your customers.

Your Web Design Southampton’s 5 fundamental tips for a good website:

  1. Each website should include a clear representation of your company, for example the name and a logo.
  2. SEO friendly – use key words such as ‘Web Design Southampton’ to heighten your position on Google rankings.
  3. The website should be clearly laid out with a navigation bar, detailing easy access throughout your site and have headlines on the pages for the viewer to clearly understand the information you are showing them.
  4. A call to action – this is your hidden intention. Whether you want them to ‘Buy Now’ or contact you, this action will be clear throughout the website, with buttons and links to the required page.
  5. Include your social media sites – this shows our viewers that you are up to date with modern sites and have a regular engagement with your customers.

A website should not just include text, make it aesthetically pleasing to the eye! Incorporate a multimedia platform for you sites by using pictures and videos to rely further information about your products or services.
Our final tip would be to include real people on your website, and by this we mean testimonials. They are your sole proof that your company are to be trusted. Try and encourage your customers to leave reviews and it may generate more clients.

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