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Why visual content is important for your business website

People like pictures and videos in websites. This is because people retain around 50% more information seeing something visible than hearing about it. Word of mouth is good for your business website but a video is better. – 100 million internet users watch videos online a day. – 90% of shoppers said watching a video in a business website was helpful in making their purchasing decision. – 64% of people are likely to buy something from a business website after watching a [...]

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How important are website banners for your business?

Remember before the internet came along? When every business relied on using printed pages for advertising? The very meaning of the term ‘headline’ was because it appeared at the top or ‘head’ of the page. This is the best area to place your website banner because it’s the space that meets your natural line of sight. As time went on, this space obviously became the most important part of the page. When Radio/TV arrived the format of media adapted but the traditional [...]