4 Reasons Why A WordPress Website Is Better For Your Business

WordPress specialist websites are better for your business

4 Reasons Why A WordPress Website Is Better For Your Business

WordPress is the favourite choice for many to use when designing business websites. The list of famous companies that use WordPress is endless including brands like BBC news, MTV, SONY music, Variety magazine. Heck, even NASA use it. It is by far the most successful CMS (Content Management System) tool in the business. As long as you know how to use it. It is probably not news to anyone that every business needs a website to survive this day and age. There is a strong chance that without a decent website your business will struggle to compete in the modern market. According to the Bloomberg software company, 80% of businesses fail because they are not in touch with their customers. As a business, you need to know your fan base and communicate with them on media channels they understand.

WordPress specialist websites are better for your business

Did you know that 59% of businesses use WordPress for their websites? This means that 41% of their competitors do not. Are you one of them?  It doesn’t matter if you are a small business that needs a first website or one that has an old website that needs updating. A decent WordPress website can solve both of these problems. As proud WordPress specialists, Sites For Business know the benefits it can have for your business:

4 Ways A WordPress Website Adds Value to Your Business

1) It’s Easy

You can update your business website from any computer. WordPress websites are designed to keep up to date because your business needs to keep updated. The content management system is easy to learn and adaptable. Obviously, if you want the more complex design stuff your business should probably rely on WordPress specialists as it gets tricky. However, the basic idea is that you don’t have to worry about ‘speaking computer’ with complex codings like HTML, CCS and plugins or others. It provides plugins. If you hire a WordPress specialist they take care of all that for you.

2) A VAST choice of website layouts

WordPress has a really large choice of designs and your business website can be TOTALLY custom made. This is perfect for your business because every website can be designed differently so your business can stand out from the crowd. This gives you the edge over your competitors. Don’t worry if you don’t have any ideas either as we have a 10 strong team of website designers that really know their stuff.

3) Blogging

Ask any successful online retailer and they will tell you that Blogs mean Business. Blogging is how customers make shopping decisions nowadays. A blog influences over 50% of consumer purchases online. 25% of consumers purchase decisions based on blogs. It’s like an online chat over the virtual shop counter. WordPress started out being all about blogs and although it can now take care of your entire website it’s kept blogging at its heart. This makes it ideal for business websites and keeping that website traffic flooding in.

4) Google ratings

Google LOVES WordPress websites. This is great for your business because based on certain rules that fall under SEO (Search engine optimisation) a WordPress website can make you appear higher on Google searches. Now, not to bore you with the sheer complex and detailed issues behind SEO we CAN tell you that WordPress takes care of this. With the help of WordPress specialists like us, it can bring endless traffic to your website.

Remember more website traffic means more customers.

As proud WordPress Specialists, we could talk WordPress all day long so if you need a bit more info give us a call on 02380 011718 or email us on info@sitesforbusiness.co.uk

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