5 Reasons WordPress Works For Web Design

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5 Reasons WordPress Works For Web Design

Business is all about WordPress web design Southampton. Every business needs an online presence and WordPress websites really are better than others. It’s immense and supports nearly 75 thousand websites and all the big brands use it. It really took off last year too. It is one of the most revered global content management and web design platforms available. Now, you may wonder if your small business needs such a tool. Or even an online presence at all but we can tell you exactly why it does below.

5 WordPress Secrets You Need to Know

1)  It’s SEO friendly

WordPress really works well with Google to get the best of business for the customers. You just need to learn how to get in their good books. SEO rankings are what help Google make or break your site.

2) Tools

WordPress has it aplenty, everything you can think you may need for a website but it also makes web design easier and much more efficient content management.

3) Multi-user facility

When you have a business it’s sometimes not practical to have just one person up that the content due to peak business times, duties or even holiday leave etc. With WordPress, you can set up different levels of access so you get overall Admin control for the entire site and assign Admin and Editor control for individual staff to update.

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4) Get involved with pingback

A pingback occurs when someone else has included a reference to your site in their blog and vice versa. Basically the stronger the association of those who connect with you then the more credibility your site gets. It’s a bit like Linkedin for bloggers.

5) Easy to add media

It’s so easy. This means that your business has much stronger chance of standing out from the crowd with decent, high-quality visual content. Some even think it’s a basic must to stay in the running. It’s easily done with the touch of a button by Admin, Editor or even one-off contributors.

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