Don’t let Ransomware jeopardise your business website


Don’t let Ransomware jeopardise your business website

You will have heard a lot about Ransomware in the news recently when the NHS computer system was attacked. What you may not have heard is this was part of a larger wave of global attacks. The latest report suggested over 200,000 computers were affected with possibly more to come, so don’t let Ransomware attacks jeopardise your web design Southampton! The BBC speculated on further attacks but regardless, cybercrime is not going away anytime soon. Ransomware is something we need to know about. The after effects of Ransomware can be devastating as it can:

Prevent You From Accessing Windows

Windows is the bread and butter of most business customer relationship management system (CRMS). The CRM hold all of your confidential customer details and other vital info. Not only do you have a duty to protect any personal customer details you have collected as part of the Data Confidentiality Acts 1998 but it’s also a key part of building customer trust in your business.

Encrypt Your Files

The hackers behind the attack may not release or destroy your previous data immediately but they can encrypt them until you meet their demands for ransom ( hence the name). Microsoft have stated that there is no guarantee that paying the fine for Ransomware hackers will give access to your PC or files again.

Stop other apps from running.

Ransomware attacks can not only block access to data on your system but it can stop you using it full stop. You can’t go online to ask for help or even google search it. It will disrupt your business indefinitely. So the only real way to deal with a Ransomware attack is to prevent one. For that, you need to know how to spot it early on.

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5 Signs to look for in Ransomware Attacks

1 ) Your Computer suddenly slows

If your computer suddenly slows down or gets sluggish for no reason then it’s worth considering a possible Ransomware attack. (You can clear viruses and Malware by downloading and using free reliable programmes like Windows Defender.) Open your Windows task manager and check the CPU usage and if anything looks unfamiliar. Any applications you see that you don’t recognise or don’t really need but are taking up LOTS of computer usage? That could well be Ransomware. Remove it immediately. Worst case scenario, your computers are operating better anyway. There could, however, be other reasons your website is running slow.

2) Windows Suggests Burning Files

A dead giveaway. It’s likely in your business all your files are backed up in a CRM or similar system. Most people know when or why they are burning files onto a CD intentionally or have pressed it by accident. Therefore Windows has detected something isn’t right and it’s a clear sign that your computer has been compromised. We advise running a system check or seeking IT support help immediately.

3) Look for 32-bit files names

Ransomware is often designed to look like normal Windows files ad blend in BUT is written in 32-bit format. Most Windows operating systems are in 64-bit format these days so if you check your CPU listing and there is .32 by the file name, it could well be Ransomware. Consider removing it or at least inspecting the file description further.

4) Safe Mode

If you have spotted Ransomware then once you have tried to revoke it cause the suspicious application on the CPU and it does nothing, then shutdown your computer. If that doesn’t work then consider restarting your computer with Safe Mode enabled. Then press the Windows key, type ‘MSConfig’ and hit enter. Once the system configuration window can be seen, look through the newly mysterious programmes. Remember Windows does not list it’s own programmes here so anything with Windows or Microsoft on it is probably fake.

5) Online scammers

A lot of times with Ransomware attacks you get a conveniently timed offer of help out of the blue. A bogus IT support helpline or something similar with a link, avoid these. You can read more on how to deal with these further here.

If your website is hacked you might be able to help restore it yourself.

We realise that for the new up and coming small business your website is everything. We would hate you to lose all of your wonderful web design Southampton, especially if it’s from us. So if you are concerned about further attacks from Ransomware or other kinds of hacks then perhaps we can offer some helpful advice in general. We know a lot about websites and especially WordPress so give us a call.

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