Video Content is the Key to Successful Digital Marketing

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Video Content is the Key to Successful Digital Marketing

When you think of advertising, depending on your generation, you’ll either think of traditional advertising on the television or the advertising seen on platforms such as YouTube, Snapchat or Vimeo. The thread that holds advertising on television and the world of digital marketing together is that they both rely heavily on the use of video content. When you think about it, it’s easy to see why online video advertising is around 600% more successful than other forms of digital marketing. The video format makes advertising easier to digest and intrinsically shareable.

Video Content Holds Customers’ Attention

In these days of media saturation, people don’t have time for content that isn’t engaging. Video advertising is easy to take in and is usually more engaging. Take YouTube for example; with over one billion users, it’s clear to see that video content currently rules supreme.

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Video Content Increases Brand Awareness

Due to its imminently shareable nature, video advertising is the perfect way to increase brand awareness for your business. If you put a video on Facebook and someone likes what they see and shares it, your brand has just been advertised to potentially thousands of people. Brand awareness is key when making sales.

People Simply Prefer Video Content

A quick glance at this infographic shows that embedded videos can potentially increase your website’s traffic by up to 55%. Using the word video in an email subject line increases the chances of your customers clicking through by up to 13%. The key to building your brand on social media is giving your customers what they want, and that’s easily digestible short video content.

How Can I Use Video Content to Increase Traffic?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when creating video content for your business.

Keep it short

Video advertising is ideally shorter than 2 minutes. Up to 2 minutes, you won’t see dramatic changes in your traffic. If it’s longer than 2 minutes, it’s not as easy to digest and therefore will not offer such dramatic results.

Keep Your Target Audience In Mind

Ensure that the content you’re creating is in-line with your target audience. While video content is easier to digest, there’s no point in creating content that your target audience isn’t going to like.

Mobile Optimisation is Everything

Around 50% of video content is consumed via a mobile device. Ensuring that your videos use a ratio that’s optimised for mobile devices is vital to ensure that your message is delivered properly.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help

Not everyone has the facilities to make engaging video content, and that’s fine! There are companies available to help you to create content that gets results.

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