5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Social Network Management

social network management

5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Social Network Management

Social network management isn’t quite as easy as just getting a Facebook account and posting. These social media gurus are extremely proficient in social media and know the kind of content that will cause your products and services to sell. Here are 5 fast facts you didn’t know about social network management.

Social media management how to guideSocial Network Management Takes a Long Time

While social network management sounds like a breeze, it’s actually extremely time-consuming. A small business will likely need between 10-15 hours of dedicated social media marketing in order to see any improvement in sales. This is why a social media management company can be so helpful for a small business; you will get quality content posted to your accounts consistently, and won’t need to make one of your existing team do it. This means that your business can keep running efficiently.

Quantity AS WELL AS Quantity

An important aspect of social network management is that quantity and quality are both extremely important. It’s important that you create posts that contain valuable content and are imminently shareable. Your content needs to be of value to your followers, consist of over 300 words, and contain images and links to reputable sources.

In addition to this, while quality will always be the most important aspect of your posts, quantity is important too. Social network management companies will ensure that content is posted consistently. A study by Hubspot suggests that if you are posting less than 2-5 times a week, you won’t see the conversion rates that you want. Social network management means that your accounts will be kept up to date with original content, but also curated content from other sources.

Target Audiences Matter

Ultimately, for businesses, when it comes to followers, it’s not the number that matters. What matters is that your followers and friends fit your buyer persona. A buyer persona refers to profiles of people that have problems that your company can solve.

Without a problem that your company can solve, people are not as likely to buy. That’s why a dedicated social network management will mostly gear your social media towards people that fit your buyer persona profiles.

Subtle Changes Make Big Differences

There’s not a huge difference between social media content that doesn’t sell and social media content that does. It’s important to push your followers towards purchasing your products or using your services without being spammy or using hardline salesman’s tactics. Social network management companies know the best tools to persuade your customers to buy, without coming off as spammy or desperate.

social networks management

Social Media Isn’t Always Free

While social media websites, on the whole, are usually free to join and use, it will usually cost money to give your posts a boost. Boosting posts means that they will be seen by a wider audience, and you’re more likely to have these posts seen by potential customers. Additionally, if you choose not to opt for dedicated social network management, you will need to get members of your existing marketing team to work on your social media for you. This likely means you will end up spending more money in wages.

Luckily, when you opt for social network management, you are making a money-saving investment. You and the rest of your team can keep doing your jobs, which means that there won’t be a decrease in productivity due to your workforce being spread too thinly. Additionally, hiring dedicated social network management means that you will be working with people who are proficient in what they do. This means that you’re likely to get the results you want quicker and more efficiently than you would otherwise.

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