Instagram Benefits You Need To Know

instagram benefits

Instagram Benefits You Need To Know

instagram benefitsAt this point, the majority of our social interactions include photos. Whether it’s texting a friend and adding an accompanying picture to prove a point, taking a selfie or updating your Snapchat story. One of the most apparent examples of the importance of visual content is the meteoric rise of Instagram. As such, a lot of brands are trying extremely hard to understand the Instagram benefits and harness them to sell their product.

1. Instagram Benefits: Marketing

Instagram photos are a great way to boost word-of-mouth marketing; let’s take a look at some of the ways in which Instagram benefits marketing.

Connect with customers across many channels

Using Instagram on your site allows you to connect and communicate with your customers across multiple channels and boost your cross-channel engagement. If you display photos from your Instagram profile on your website, a customer looking at your site may end up following you on Instagram after viewing your impressive gallery.

This means that they can re-connect with you later on.

Re-use your marketing materials

Having a sizeable Instagram gallery full of photos means that you can use them later across channels. As such you can use them as your marketing images on your site or in adverts later on. Businesses are busy; having a vast number of pictures already at your disposal can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Attract engaged traffic: build a community.

Another of these Instagram benefits is that the traffic that comes from your posts is already highly engaged with your content. Instagram drives more engaged traffic than any other social media platform. Instagram beats Pinterest, YouTube, Reddit and even Facebook.

Additionally, due to the nature of Instagram, you will be able to engage heavily with your customers on the platform. This means that customers will be more likely to return for repeat purchases. Repeat customers are extremely valuable, accounting for almost 33.3% of the total money spent in eCommerce and spending almost 3x more than regular shoppers.

Boost your marketing with user-generated content.

User-generated content is the most effective way to increase your traffic and sales. If you’re not already using user-generated content strategies then now is definitely the time to start.
On Instagram, customers are constantly creating their own pictures. With their permission, you can use their pictures for your marketing.

Don’t market blindly.

Don’t waste your time on Instagram content that won’t market well. Instagram already gives you feedback on how your audience will respond to your content before you invest in Instagram ads or take up space on your website.

2. Instagram Benefits: Conversion

Instagram photos convert better than regular advertising or basic product photos. This is due to a number of psychological principles which we’ll discuss later. When it comes to a choice between a regular advert or an Instagram post, the Instagram post will almost certainly lead to a higher conversion rate.

3. Instagram Benefits: Happiness

Instagram photos tend to be aspirational and inspirational, they show us a glimpse of a life that we would like to work towards and show us what we can do if we just strive a little harder and work a little better.

Instagram photos are also designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Just look at the huge number of filters and editing options available when using Instagram. People and brands don’t just upload a selfie or picture to Instagram; the picture is likely to have been well-arranged with lighting and filters taken into account.

At its essence, Instagram is a collection of well-constructed photos, designed to look beautiful and give us a peek into a life we would like to lead. While adverts are also designed to give this peek into the perfect life, Instagram simply does it better. Why is this?

4. Building Trust

It’s because Instagram posts build trust between the company and the consumer. A lot of the time Instagram posts are created by the customer and curated by the brand. As a result, they build trust in potential customers.

Content from past buyers is likely to influence purchase decisions, much like customer reviews. Customers love reading reviews, but visual content like photos and videos can be hugely influential.

In addition to this, there is a lot of trust that’s built from brands engaging with their customers and responding to their comments.

If your business isn’t using Instagram yet, take a look at our Social Media Management page! 

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