5 Ways Website Reviews Can Help Your Business

website design in Southampton

5 Ways Website Reviews Can Help Your Business

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Customer reviews are the latest trend for website design in Southampton. 88% of shoppers use them, so find out how your business can benefit. Word of mouth has always been great for business but before Southampton had websites, it was just you chatting with a neighbour. Now your business needs an online review so everyone can see the nice words people are saying about you. As we reported in one of our previous blogs over 100 million people shop online a day. Furthermore, 91% of them read online reviews for local businesses so imagine how many potential customers your business website could gain. Simply by letting them review your service.

website design in Southampton

5 Reasons You need Online Reviews On Your Website

revfee review system1) People like to read reviews

37% of online shoppers go straight to a review website to read what other people have said. It’s the internet version of neighbourhood gossip. It’s all part of the online shopping experience and chatting with other people is something everyone can enjoy without paying money.

Now. You may think ‘WOW! How do I get this? . ‘ Well, it’s simple. All you have to do is ask. It’s not hard to get customers to leave online reviews and suggest specific sites. Another solution is to use the RevFee review system, which is a simpler way to collect all the best customer reviews of your business. RevFee is new, simple and easy to use which means you can direct customers to your website and get them talking, without being distracted by the endless click bait and pop-up adverts that swamp the internet these days.

2) The search engines

63% of online customers find a website via search engine. That means that if your online review is doing well, you are automatically getting to the top of the google pile. All for very little time, money and effort. That also means less spent on expensive advertising. Your business is at the top of the tree for free.

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3) You can review things from your mobile

Reviewing a product, service or business is not necessarily a sit-down activity. You can do it standing up, walking along or even when you’re waiting for a bus. It’s all done from your mobile in seconds. Yet all the more reason to have one on your website, working for your business. Having an online review service means you get your customer’s interest and attention when they have nothing better to do. Right, when you need it.

online review4) Compete with the big boys

As we said earlier 88% of internet users read online reviews on local businesses. That is a LOT of potential purchase power. So if you don’t have a huge budget like your corporate competitors, a review system is free for anyone to use which means you can still compete with the big boys online. The public decides what they want and if the big companies can’t keep them happy, they turn to the smaller companies who can. Remember it’s the customers who are calling the shots these days.

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5) Variety

Reviewing online has become part of the customer experience and is the new ‘try before you buy’. You need to make your business known online nowadays before the customers even get to your doorstep. There are lots of review sites and customers really enjoy sifting through the ever growing variety of options. Your business needs to tap into the wealth of internet traffic by getting your online presence involved. Some of the most popular review sites are well-known brands like Google, Facebook, Amazon and more. These are companies well worth getting into bed with if you want to push your local business out where the online traffic is flying. You can reach even further with social media so try fishing in the big stream.


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