5 Rules Your Business Needs to Know About Web Design

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5 Rules Your Business Needs to Know About Web Design

Every business needs a website in this day and age and great, effective web design for Southampton businesses is how we make our living. Online shopping is fast becoming the ultimate avenue of influence in purchase power. Content management systems like WordPress hosts over 64 million websites and it is growing fast because it combines simple, easy to use and attractive visual content with strong blogging capabilities. Take into account the importance of SEO ranking in google searches and you have a recipe for online presence for any business. All costing relatively next to nothing.

A business can have a website but it if doesn’t perform or function effectively online then your business is not going to do very well. The bottom line is your business needs to get out there on the internet if it’s going to survive. Having a website that functions correctly is going to help your business in what is likely to be a very competitive market. Your website needs to play by certain rules in order get your business out there in the real world.
So what are the rules? You may ask. Well, let’s discuss them further. 

5 Ways To Make Your Website Great

1) Keywords

These are particular words (or sometimes phrases) used for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).They often define or explain your type of business. They are how people find your website online and therefore they need, to explain what your business is and what it provides.

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2) Visual content

High quality, engaging visual content is crucial to attracting online shoppers to our business. Video content is even better and up to 64% of people are likely to buy after watching video content from a business website. There are other forms of visual stimulation that work just as well; images, infographics . the list goes on. 

3) Bounce rate

The bounce rate on a website is how many users click on the site and leave. This is not useful to anyone and is often due to a number of reasons. Anything from dull unappealing content, slow websites loading or even just misleading content. There are many ways to get the right customers to your website with extensive social media marketing techniques, far too many to explain here.

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4) Blogs

Well written blogs add tremendous value to your business website. Often going in hand in hand with catchy informative copywriting. A blog can hold people onto your site with informative updates, tips and often great visuals. If you can keep your website populated then you get higher SEO rankings, which means greater purchase power. Basically, the more people come to your site increases the chances of repeat buyers and loyal customers.

5) Online reviews

Customers are have always been king but now there is a whole new game to play. It is reported that 91% of customers check out online business reviews before considering a purchase. It is important for every business to engage with customers on this level. A business with strong customer satisfaction levels will do much better but it can be difficult getting a fanbase up together without collecting those positive feedback results. There are simpler ways to more positive customer reviews on your website.


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