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The importance of a business website

The growing age of technology is becoming even further integrated into our everyday lives. But why is it so important to us? Here at Sites for Business, your Web Design Southampton, we are keen to help you with your website management.  The World Wide Web, commonly known as ‘www’ is our port of call for information, from research to online shopping, we cannot simply life without it, can we? We have come too far to result back to the Yellow Pages, [...]

Web Design Southampton

Google is watching you: Our unusual ways to improve your ranking on Google

Here, at Sites For Business, we are continually faced with requests to improve a customer’s ranking on search engines. Endless businesses benefit from Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for their rankings on Google (or other search engines). For a business to appear higher in the search engine results, it provides a good first impression, which persuades the customers to click on their site. The more clicks, the more clients. First impressions are key, and being at the top of Google [...]